Acoa and dating later in life

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Lori I went to my first ACOA meeting the Portland Oregon area in about 1982 at ~40 years of age. I hope all sufferers will find a good ACOA meeting, find and read/absorb the pertinent self-help books of the 80's (author Claudia Black, etc.), and, if necessary, find an excellent therapist and/or an appropriate therapy group.I have since become what I think is an awesome therapist for the children from less-than-perfect families. You may be able to find this helpful 'study' on the internet: The Health and Social Impact of Growing Up With Alcohol Abuse and Related Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Human and Economic Costs of the Status Quo BY: Robert Anda, MD, MS Board of Scientific Advisors National Association for Children of Alcoholics and Co-Principal Investigator Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study I help who I can.

I encourage anyone who feels they may be affected by Adult Child Syndrome, to research it further and experience the freedom that healing can bring. As I read more about this, I see what I was dealing with and am able to forgive myself somewhat.

Syndrome, as defined by the dictionary, is a group of signs and symptoms that are characteristic of a specific disease or other disorder. We question our self worth and many times feel disconnected from life. Here is a condensed version of that list taken from the Adult Children- Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Families book. We became isolated and afraid of people and authority figures.2.

It can also mean events that form a recognizable pattern, especially of something undesirable. There is also a list of characteristics from the ACA book that help many individuals evaluate their situation and determine if they have this particular syndrome. We became approval seekers and lost our identity in the process.3. We have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and it is easier to be more concerned with others, this enables us not to look too closely at our own faults.7.

Thanks for listening, I trust this entry will be catharsis for me, and who knows what you will get from it. However, we have thousands of comments and hundreds of submissions coming in all the time as these issues are rampant.

I use to reward my professers with the offer of a good stiff drink if they made it this far in a term paper. We can comment as soon as a submission comes in, but have found it to stymie comments from others which is not good as we can only hope to build a support community where everyone shares their "experience, strength, and hope" with each other.

If one is raised in a home where alcoholism is prevalent, certain patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving can emerge from that upbringing. We are frightened by angry people and any personal criticism.4. We experience guilt feelings when we stand up for ourselves instead of giving in.8. We confuse love and pity and tend to love people we can rescue.10. Stolen merchandise, written bad checks and possibly embezzled money It is very difficult for Adult Children to give or receive love as we have not experienced healthy role modeling in this area.

We have stuffed our feelings from our traumatic childhoods and lost the ability to express them.11. What we think is love or intimacy in reality is codependency or intensity.Some of the obstacles in doing this type of work can be feelings of guilt associated with ? our parents as we explore how the dysfunction of our upbringing has impacted us.One of the first things we learn as we begin our journey is to understand the difference between blaming our parents and getting honest about the reality of our childhood experiences. In recovery I learned how to continue the love for my mother, get honest about what happened, and take the necessary steps in order to heal from it.Mom was in the hospital for months, then moved away with another man my ex described as " a child molester".Years later she died, and my ex began acting out dialogue that sounded "familiar".It has been over a year since you posted your comment and I hope someone responded to you.