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Adult chat room wanadoo - updating classpath container

To finish I would use a feather and then torture your soles by firmly tickling them with my fingers until you could take no more!! O was a crafty girl (as in did many craft type things) who I had a crush on while C was a cowgirl. C took some of her lasso rope (from being a cowgirl, remember? Their lock can be unlocked with a paper clip in that little hole! They carried me over to the center of the room where there was a pole. She came back out with a chair and left it beside me. If not, C and I will move you here when she comes back. I feel that it adds to the helplessness to be just tied up very casually in your clothes, lol. Well once, in a VERY tight hogitie , lol , just to see what I enjoyed so much about it. Till the next time, observer 2Well two other people have done it so why shouldn't I? I'm 18 years old and love to be tied up really tight with anything.

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Yeah they were in asterisks because I got the socks out of my dresser, but I usuallly just wore them around the house and then put them away. Dad again, finished my homework and had nothing else to do, also, he gagged and blindfolded me with my own socks. O then went to the window and opened it while C started untying me from the chair. There was no way out except the way in, they knew it and I did. I was rebound to the pole while J got the chair treatment. He had me place my hands over my crotch, and then, used rope to fasten my wrists in that position by tying some extra rope around my wrists and then to the bottom of my bed.

Normal hogtie, white Nike crew socks, some Volcom shorts and a Volcom shirt. C and O picked up my chair and moved me to the side room. O brought J and I out of the trapdoor room and we were all in the cellar. He tied my wrists together, along with my ankles spread apart.

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