Arabic language dating site

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Arabic language dating site - speed dating teaching method

Translation Program Requires Java Script and runs on most browsers. William Mc Glone, Colorado Commentary [Above: Colorado wall originally enhanced with aluminum powder on location but here enhanced with white in Photoshop to reveal shapes.

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Mc Glone documented the locations of this writing before his untimely death in 1998.

While we continue to receive photographic material from new finds in Yemen, we have decided to refrain from posting these. Inevitably some traditional archaeologists will attempt to argue about the methods of the translation or of the possibility of the scripts being found in various geographic areas.

In our younger years we would have debated these points and adhered to the traditional paradigm of journal publication etc. A translation program in Java Script, which will run on any browser, has been provided to validate our work.

Instead, since the translations are revealing important prophetic information we have decided to focus all of our efforts to this task.

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James Harris, a brilliant archaeologist from Brigham Young University.

He identified the symbols as an alphabet in the proto-Canaanite language which he successfully translated by using old-Hebrew phonetic sounds.

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Initial dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC, and located on as many as five continents.

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