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Still, Kristi Lee’s farewell speech leads fans to believe that her leave is not due to any negative vibes with the rest of the staff, proclaiming that she owes her career to her radio partners in crime.“I wish all those involved in making ‘The Bob & Tom Show’ the best radio program in America continued success.

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However, she did announce on Twitter that she will reveal details regarding her next venture soon.

In the meantime, she seemed to spend some time hanging out with her children, going out with friends, and finally sleeping in.

Each post that Kristi Lee made on social media was followed with a barrage of followers telling her that they miss her on the show and hope she is doing well.

I gained a lifetime of growth and experience for which I am extremely grateful.” In the last couple of years, Kristi Lee’s passion did not seem to be in the show.

Her presence was often overshadowed by co-host Tom Griswold, leading to her voluntary silence during shows many times.

Yet, others are happy with Scott Potasnik’s role and believe that the right replacement for Kristi Lee would keep the show alive and well.

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