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In other words, the BPD clings desperately to just about anyone, while the narcissist usually terminates romantic relationships.

The BPD combines many of the traits discussed in previous diaries, and condenses them into a toxic brew.

If they are driven to despair by their relationship with addicts, they may find help through Al-Anon.

You can find more information about this in my previous diary What is a Codependent Dry Drunk?

Although the BPD has obvious problems, they may have fewer antisocial (sociopathic) traits than a narcissist.

Also a borderline is far more likely to threaten suicide than a narcissist.

BPDs have an extremely high rate of suicide, and BPD may be a leading cause of suicide.

The BPD used to be described as "borderline psychotic" because they are subject to psychotic fits of rage.Although the BPD seems more unstable, hostile, and impulsive than the narcissist, the presence of guilt in the BPD may indicate a greater potential for recovery.The narcissist is more charming, but is also more ruthless and experiences less guilt.Their accusations that others are sabotaging them are often merely projection (pot kettle black) of their own efforts to sabotage and betray coworkers, spouses, and children.Ultimately, the only person really sabotaging the BPD is probably themselves through antisocial actions and substance abuse, although they are also emotional "shit magnets" for abusive personalities.These accusations change constantly, and the BPD doesn't really to"believe" the accusations they make or even try to keep track of them like a good liar.

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