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The news of Daniel & Lily's wedding shocks and angers their parents who try to get an annulment, but are met with more rebellion from the newlyweds who are truly in love and won't separate. Daniel Romalotti a place to stay at the Abbott house as the pair settle into married life.

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This show of love, and friendship brings them closer together.

In 2010 when Lily is diagnosed with cancer, Daniel becomes her confidant and is there for her, and the following year when Cane is "killed" Lily leans on Daniel and the two briefly rekindle their romance.

However later when Cane returns and confesses that it was his twin that died and not him, Lily and Daniel get closer and he urges Lily to divorce Cane which she does leading to a further connection between them.

When Cane spots Lily and Daniel kissing at a bar, he decides to come clean about why he lied to her, Lily forgives Cane and reunites with him which devastates Daniel. When Daniel was dealing with the drama of his daughter Lucy Romalotti, Daisy, and then dating Heather Stevens Lily was there whenever he needed someone to talk to, and vice versa.

Then when Daniel and Heather left to move to Georgia where she has a job offer, Lily wished Daniel well and told him that they would always be friends.

and Lily Winters Ashby are fictional characters and a supercouple from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

Daniel Romalotti is the son of Phyllis Summers and Danny Romalotti.

Eventually Daniel and Lily moved on to other relationships; Daniel married Amber, and Lily got involved with Cane.

In the end the couple decided to remain good friends.

In 2006 Lily comes home from school and tricks her parents into thinking that she broke off her relationship with Daniel; however with the help of Lily's best friend Colleen Carlton the pair secretly reconcile, and after news breaks that Malcolm Winters not Neil is Lily's biological father the two decide to announce their relationship.

However the resistance the couple meets force them to run off to Las Vegas where they forge the signatures of Neil and Dru and tie the knot in a chapel.

From this profile you will find 2 lists, and key facts about Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil!

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