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The move most dramatically affects those few mission churches in Missouri who are receiving Cooperative Program monies as part of their support, and who also are affiliated with the Acts 29 Network.As of January 1, those missions will no longer be financially supported by the MBC.

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The Acts 29 Network is just that -- a non-denominational network of pastors, lay leaders and churches that are devoted to helping qualified leaders “plant new churches and replant declining churches.” They do that through assessment, coaching, training, funding, and by connecting them with like minded Christians. Currently, Missouri has more Acts 29 affiliated congregations than any other state in the mid-west with nine.It was the result of a motion brought at the 2006 MBC annual meeting: That at the December 2006 Executive Board meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention, that the President of the Executive Board appoint a committee of at least five people to study the theological soundness of all relationships the Missouri Baptist Convention has with non-political para-church organizations; and that they use as a guide the Bible, the 2000 version of the Baptist Faith and Message, and any applicable resolutions passed by the Missouri Baptist Convention or the Southern Baptist Convention; and that the committee report its findings to the Executive Board and its President for possible action, no later than its July 2007 Executive Board meeting. The committee presented its report at the Executive Board’s October 2007 meeting held in conjunction with the MBC annual meeting.Much of the report documented the committee’s research and findings in regard to the emerging church movement.Not because they were pro-alcohol, but because they were opposed to: 1) a resolution that intimated that the only Scriptural position on beverage alcohol is one of absolute abstinence.They argued that a total abstinence position is based on Baptist tradition, and not the Scriptures, which describes the use of wine in both the Old and New Testaments, and 2) because the resolution had the characteristics of a motion urging that no one be elected to serve as a trustee or member of any entity or committee of the Southern Baptist Convention that is a user of alcoholic beverages.Nominees will now have to indicate whether-or-not they abstain from beverage alcohol.

The decision has raised the hackles of a number of Missouri Baptists – including mine.

The report lists thirty-five ‘findings’ a number of which were pertinent to the subsequent executive board decision to terminate any relationship with the Acts 29 Network and de-fund those missions that are affiliated with the network. There are three segments of what is called the emerging church movement — the emergents, the emerging church, and the Acts 29 network.

They differ at some points in theology, but they often share much in common related to methodology and missiology.

During the convention’s last business session, messengers adopted a resolution on the consumption of beverage alcohol.

It was exactly the same resolution that was passed at the SBC annual meeting in 2006, (only substituting ‘Missouri Baptist’ wherever the phrase ‘Southern Baptist’ appeared).

Their web site states: The Acts 29 Network takes no official position on alcohol other than that “people should have their conscience captive to the word of God, submit to the leadership of their church or denomination, and do everything for God's glory.” The Acts 29 Network permits diversity on what they consider a secondary issue and chooses to pursue unity only on what they consider primary theological issues.

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