Dating photographs hats

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Dating photographs hats - dating someone who has lupus

In this case the young woman’s hair shows a move away from the style of the previous period, though a central parting is still visible.

The upper garment is unadorned and fits the upper body very tightly.

The safety bicycle became common in the 1890s, and long before the coming of the model T Ford, gave women greater freedom of movement.

Simple example of women’s dress from 1900 to about 1906.

The great thing about women’s clothes is that they changed pretty regularly, and the general features of each change are clearly identifiable along with hair styles and hats.

As with the use of cars for dating photographs, you don’t have to become a fashion expert and take account of every small detail (of course you can if your interest moves you to).

The bustle has gone (except occasionally for evening ware) but overskirts remain, swaged and pleated to give an elaborate look to the dress where the upper garment is often free of ornament.

These broad-brimmed hats are typical of the period. Like that of the 1856 to 1865 period the parting is strictly in the middle of the head.

Men’s fashions are more difficult to pin down than those worn by women.

The ubiquitous sports coat and trousers look came in at the beginning of the 1860s, and remained the same except for minor changes until the early 1890s.

The hair no longer has a central parting, nor is it pulled back from the face.

Instead it is frizzed on the forehead and crest, and appears to be cut short on the sides. In the 1890s emphasis moved from the dress to garments for the upper body.

Dress simple in outline, but often ornamented with applied braid, lace or frills. Hair (not clearly seen here) was greatly built up, not only as a look, but also to take the large hat pins required to keep the hats fixed on the head.

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