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(The founder covered costs during the final year.) We have greatly enjoyed interacting with members over the years, and we extend our warm best wishes to all current and former members.

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Neue House, New York provided the perfect backdrop for this innovative event.

Not that it has held her back at all – she’s as chirpy as ever, and clearly keen to crack on with her schedule. “I’m here because there’s lots of opportunities career-wise. There are parts in the UK too, but they’re mostly period dramas, and that’s just not my immediate casting.” It was a film that brought her to LA in the first place – Oculus, a frightener from the producers of Paranormal Activity. And before long, she was on location in Mobile, Alabama, a place she has compared to Scotland because “it felt quite rural and they fry everything”.

As we talk, her phone goes off, then her Skype, and there are knocks at the door which a couple of publicists, who are listening in from the bathroom, pop out to answer. She was in her childhood home in Inverness, when her LA agents demanded that she submit an audition for the film within 24 hours. And when filming was over, she thought, “Why not stay?

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The organization's founder started an international conservation organization and has been managing that full-time since 2009.

Neither she nor Science Connection's membership coordinator had the means to promote Science Connection in the era of social media, hence a decision was taken in April 2015 to run the group one final year with no membership fee.

And yet by chopping backwards and forwards in time, and playing with the ghost’s hallucinatory powers, Oculus manages to keep the viewer wondering what’s real and what isn’t. “I think it’s because it feels like going to a nightclub without the hangover. ’ At first I was like, 'This is so funny, someone needs to put this into a comedy sketch.’ But at the end I’m like, 'Yeah! ’ I don’t laugh at all that positive motivational stuff anymore. ” It all started because of Selfie, a new sitcom in which Gillan stars as a self-absorbed valley girl who has plenty of Twitter followers but no actual friends.

For Gillan, of course, there was no such conundrum. The music is so loud, they turn the lights off, and then they shout positive things at you while you’re doing it. So she tries to rebrand herself, with the help of a marketing expert played by John Cho (Harold, from the Harold & Kumar films). “My character’s this real Kardashian-type girl,” she says.

Depending on the number key you drew, guests were then matched with their scientist and sent off to their appropriate room.

The event kicked off with a “drawing of the keys” a cheeky nod to the events name.

The Science Connection difference: In its 25-year history Science Connection brought together many single science-philes for friendship and romance.

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    But, we get it; a lot of people are close with cousins…just don’t get All of the names on this post are ideas and several (actually most) of these are actual group names. And we’ll see you around…maybe even in a group chat.

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    Besides attending glamorous shows at fashion week and lavish press dinners, she also hits up star-studded events with some of her famous friends and fans.