Drupal feed aggregator not updating

16-Apr-2015 19:00 by 6 Comments

Drupal feed aggregator not updating - Webcam chat college girls dating

Categories integrate the contents of multiple feeds and displays them as a single feed.To create a category: The category is added to your website.

Up until a few days ago, everything was working fine.

So in summary the solution I gave above had already been applied.

However, another avenue to explore is cron job time out.

If you can't provide a reason then what approaches to debugging can I use to find and solve the root cause?

I have searched this site already and not found an existing question about this problem.

In my situation I have a of feeds so it could be taking the job invoked by the cron a long time to update all of them.

Here is another possible solution to extend the time alloted to running a job triggered by cron, a cron job: To quote: The number at the end is the number of seconds a program can run before timing out.Every hour, the cron job runs and updated all of the feeds.I added a new page to the website (Links Page) which was the only change to the site in the last few days.Setting it to 0 means "never timeout" which you should use very carefully, like on a development site where you have control over the server.Update 2 - and likely solution and root cause The cause of the problem likely stems from a corrupt database causing errors when the cron job is run.I'm having a very strange problem with my feeds. When I click "update items", I don't get any error.

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