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They might work in your school or through a community service in your area.

Youth workers understand what young people go through, and they're really easy to talk to.So if you’re not sleeping or eating or if there are other physical symptoms going on, that’s when it could be time to get some extra help. Depression and anxiety can be serious conditions that lots of rangatahi/young people have.But with the right help, you can get get on the road to recovery. And that depends a lot on how severe your depression or anxiety is and how comfortable you are with the different types of support or treatment.A cold affects your head, while the flu affects your whole body.Much the same, low mood affects the way you feel, but depression or anxiety affects the way you function.Here are some resources for partners of people with breast cancer: Read the book is a frank, humorous and sometimes painfully honest record of the trials and triumphs men encounter as they walk alongside the women they love.

Email [email protected] to order your free paperback (mailed within NZ) or e-book (EPUB and .

MOBI/Kindle formats NZBCF advice line: 0800 BC NURSE (0800 22 68 773) - Your call will be answered by a Specialist breast nurse who can answer your questions and provide support.

Cancer Society of New Zealand - Phone 0800 CANCER or 0800 226 237 They have a range of leaflets and information about maintaining family relationships through cancer.

Healthy relationships are based on equality and respect, unhealthy relationships are based on power and control.

Unhealthy relationships can become abusive and unsafe.

” There’s a whole range of people you can talk to, including: General Practitioners (GPs) - who you normally see when you’re physically sick, but they’re useful for dealing with mental health problems too.

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