Gay dating thailand

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Gay dating thailand - online dating slogans

Even a local gay festival called Pattaya Pride is held on an annual basis.

In order to take a boy out of his bar you’ll have to pay a so-called “bar fine”.As with female freelance prostitutes, you’re advised to be extra cautious when taking a boy from the street back to your room.Other than with guys regularly employed in host bars, it would be difficult to find that same boy again if you encountered any problems during your walk on the wild side, for example, get robbed during your sleep etc.There are also lots of guys who don’t professionally work in Pattaya’s sex trade but may still have regular day jobs and just freelance as male prostitutes.Many boys can be found along the southern stretch of Pattaya Beach Road in the evening hours (Pattayaland area); others will be roaming Pattaya’s air-conditioned shopping malls during the day.Tiffany and Alcazar have been in business for almost three decades and are renowned across the world for their fantastic, professional ladyboy shows.

Regular televised beauty pageants are additional attractions for visitors.

Gay men, sex workers and drug users reportedly account for over 60% of new infections. 0.7% of the population, are currently living with HIV/Aids.) Albeit less developed than the straight bar scene, Pattaya’s gay bar scene is similarly organized.

Since the first case was reported in 1984, nearly 1.2 million Thais have been infected with HIV. There are dozens of host bars where you can simply have a drink and chat with the male staff, as well as gay A-Go Go clubs and show bars, which feature erotic dance and show performances.

A few gay bars can also be found on Pattayaland Soi 1 and 2.

Jomtien Beach, just 10 minutes south of Pattaya by taxi, has also developed its own popular gay scene – attractive especially for visitors who prefer a quieter, more laid-back and less “touristy” environment.

Thailand’s age of consent may be 15 but, in the case of prostitution, a higher minimum age of 18 applies.