Gibson dating pots

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I am a new member who has been playing for 30 some years.Recently I purchased a Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop and yes I am trying to accurately figure out what year it is from.

I was assured that they had no doubt it was a 59 and that it couldn’t possibly be anything else.The guitar couldn't have been shipped before the pot code, but I found this kind off odd.The 1975 should have had a decal with the serial number if it were, in fact a 1975. All of these things make dating a guitar confusing and make counterfeiting a guitar easier.The neck profile is kind of small, the knobs are bonnets and the tuners are single ring, all of which say 59. OK, it’s pretty well priced for a 59, so just get me the FON and we’ll talk.“Sorry, I can’t find the FON but the tech department assures me it’s a 59.” It has 37th week of 59 date codes on the pots.Other then the Gibson forums is there anyway of contacting Gibson with this info and getting an answer from them???

BTW, beautiful looking guitar you have, mine looks almost indentical, and plays like a dream, my case is the regular shaped case with dark purple lining.[ I was told that the bodys were made in advance & stored in a closet. So a one piece body of a 1968 could end up on an early 1969.I don’t make the rules but I can’t dispute that a 59 is easier to sell, commands a higher price and comes with a set of bragging rights only surpassed by owning an original Les Paul burst. I could argue that 58’s have some real advantages but that’s a whole ‘other post. So, there are a lot of 60 ES-335’s that fit the description. One other point-if it had a 59 FON, it could still be a 60. Fortunately, most FON’s are visible and I wouldn’t be surprised if this guitar has one somewhere. This blondie had a 59 FON and an early 60 serial number.I go by serial number when dating a 3×5 but I always mention the FON if it differs-as in “it’s a 1960 but construction began in 1959 as indicated by the 59 FON. The position of the FON can be almost anywhere-it was put there before the guitar was built. I called it a 60 although plenty of dealers would call it a 59.Open Friday through Sunday and by appointment during the week.Call 2 or email me at [email protected], today I’m going to tell you what it was like to date in the 1950’s…Actually not even I’m that old but I can tell you about a dating problem I had recently with a dot neck ES-335. I emailed the dealer and asked a bunch of questions-like “what is the serial number, how big is the neck profile and are the tuners original?So, to review, the only features that tell us it’s a 59 are the knobs, the tuners and the pot codes.