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) We do our best to maintain a safe environment, but much of that safety must come from your actions, not ours.

There are no verification efforts to make sure the person who creates an account is who they say they are.

In order to use this service a user must download a free program and install it on their computer.

There are several available with some of the more popular ones being Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and AIM (America Online IM). offer membership ID accounts that allow a user to register and build a simple profile in exchange for the use of web services such as free e-mail, game playing, and online shopping.

Lists also indicate if that user is signed on to the service by placing some type of icon next to the name.

It is very common for teenagers to have multiple names in their list.

Again, the Internet is not as private as you might think and some people, when provoked, will retaliate in ways that the child's parent(s) may find physically, emotionally and financially uncomfortable.

It all comes down to this: If you respect your child's privacy online, you're stupid.Yahoo didn't want to give yet another competitive advantage to Google, so they integrated the IM into Yahoo Mail and now offer a standalone version of Yahoo Messenger for the web.Like Google Talk gadget, it's built in Flash, each conversation opens in a new tab inside the same window, you can find a contact and see his status.Yahoo's web messenger saves all your conversations and makes the history searchable from the same interface.Google Talk saves your conversations from any client, but the history is only available in Gmail.The program handles all the communication and provides a window for the user to type and receive messages. Part of these offerings also includes Instant Messaging and Chat Room services.