Mumbai girl for dating

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Mumbai girl for dating

But now I define it as things like stroking the other person’s hair, holding them in your arms, sending them sweet messages, making them feel special…It is not about delivering huge bouquets of flowers, or over-done Valentine’s Day dinners…It can be just holding hands in the monsoon rains; sitting on a bench drinking coffee from the coffeewallah at 2 am; cooking a meal together; complimenting each other and making each other feel good.

They also play endless mind games, and you have to read about 100 Mars and Venus e-books to even stand a chance of keeping up with them.

In fact, if they are single, they often have no expectations.

(Married men are an exception.) You see them in CCDs across Mumbai chatting to girls for ages, and this all comes well before kissing or holding hands.

‘Here the men are expected to do all the chasing, and I’m not prepared to.

I believe it’s a bad start to chase a woman as you end up chasing her your whole life,’ another said.

Indian men, thankfully, are different and do know how to court women.

Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife. I love the fact that Indian men take time to get to know girls, and are very slow on the physical front compared to British men.

Bring up the word commitment or where the relationship is heading and they run a mile.

It’s no wonder that western men struggle to date in this city.

Indian men are also quite direct and will tell you what they want.

(Sometimes too direct – the married men seeking affairs will often be quite upfront about it, as though what they are proposing is not at all immoral, which of course it is.

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