Relative dating methods in archaeology

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The relative density of use is reflected in the archaeological record.

Continue » If you are a student of archaeology or anthropology, or a professor or cunsultant, you can have your paper posted at here! Here is a paper on Kalapuya mounds by Bill Roulette: BABY PYRAMIDS ALONG THE CALAPOOIA RIVER: MOUND SITES IN KALAPUYAN PREHISTORY The Archaeology of Oregon Newsletter for Current Archaeological Happenings in Oregon (CAHO) Interview of Dennis Jenkins: Pre-Clovis evidence in Oregon Oregon has been inhabited for at least 14,300 years, based on a radiocarbon date on a human caprolite (poop).

Plant processing is much more in evidence, suggesting a shift towards more balanced economic systems.

The generic period of occupation spans 7,000 - 4,000 years ago.

During this period of time, the climates and ecology of plants and animals have changed.

Populations have grown and in turn, the cultures of Oregon's inhabitants have changed.

There is increasing evidence for use of ground stone for processing plants during this period, blurring its relation to what some archaeologists call the archaic.

Archaic represents an economic pattern of post-megafauna broad spectrum plant and animal gathering and hunting.

Oregon is where the the NW Coast, Columbia Plateau, Inter-Mountain, Great Basin, and California chaparral ecologies and cultures merge.

The people who lived here over the last 14,300 years have developed technologies to adapt themselves to the demands of these varied ecological zones with their abundant natural resources.

The environmental circumstances of the past lifeways are not the same as today.

No living culture can truly reflect the past, but they can be used as simplistic models for reconstructing long vanished lifeways.

Presumably you came here to learn about Oregon's past, right?

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