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In the 14th Century, the bishops of Rostov became archbishops, and late in the 16th century, metropolitans.One of those metropolitans, Iona (Jonah) Sysoyevich (ca.

To the right from the kremlin stands the Abraham monastery, founded in the 11th century and one of the oldest in Russia.

The monastery was favored by Ivan the Terrible, who personally supervised the construction of towered walls and bell-tower around an even more ancient cathedral.

The only addition made to the monastery after Ivan's death is a barbican church, commissioned by the metropolitan Iona Sysoyevich.

There are also two 17th-century churches: the Conception of St. Unlike most other churches in the town, the monastery belongs to the Russian Orthodoxy and houses a theological seminary.

The vicinity of Rostov is rich in old architecture.

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The ponderous bell-tower was constructed mostly in the 17th century.

Its bells are among the largest and most famous in Russia - each has its own name.

; Old Norse: Rostofa) is a town in Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, one of the oldest in the country and a tourist center of the Golden Ring. Rostov Yaroslavsky is the official name of its railway station (due to its position in Yaroslavl Oblast).

It is located on the shores of Lake Nero, 202 kilometers (126 mi) northeast of Moscow. Rostov was preceded by Sarskoye Gorodishche, which some scholars interpret as the capital of the Finnic Merya tribe, while others believe it was an important Viking trade enclave and fortress guarding the Volga trade route.

This name is used to distinguish it from Rostov-on-Don, which is now a much larger city.

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