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Sex dating in hendersonville tennessee

11, 2005, arrest for the murder of a Tennessee prison guard, Jennifer Hyatte found herself in an Ohio jail cell that she described as "nasty," writing her life story in pencil.Hyatte, then 31, had been arrested in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, career criminal George Hyatte, two days after she killed correction officer Wayne "Cotton" Morgan and wounded correction officer Larry "Porky" Harris outside the Roane County Courthouse. She gave the memoir a title: "A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde." She never finished it.

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He was sentenced to life in prison as part of a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty.

The Hyattes reportedly said that they were attending an Amway convention.

Wagers later called the police and SWAT team from the Columbus Police captured them.

On August 10, the Chevrolet Venture used was found in the parking lot of an Econo Lodge in Erlanger, Kentucky, but neither Hyatte was found.

The same night the Hyattes were charged with first-degree murder.

Capture On August 10, 2005, around pm, the Hyattes were captured at an America's Best Value Inn located in Columbus, Ohio.

The couple was captured after a cab driver named Mike Wagers drove them from Erlanger, Kentucky, to the hotel.

When her father later remarried, the girls weren't invited to the wedding. One of her aunts owned several horses and Hyatte fell in love with a retired thoroughbred named Weaver. "I told him all of my secrets and he always seemed to listen," she writes. I slowly just backed away from the horses for good," she writes.

For four years, she claims, a member of her father's new family molested her and her sister. "We could run like the wind or just stand and let the wind run over us." One day, Hyatte recalls, she walked out of the barn and ran into her aunt, who told her Weaver had been sold. At age 15, she writes, her interests turned to alcohol, drugs and older men - her boyfriend at the time was 25 years old.

Her husband, George Hyatte, pleaded guilty to a robbery charge in the courthouse right before she pulled out the gun and started shooting.

Jennifer Hyatte currently is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Jailers in the Franklin County (Ohio) Jail confiscated the manuscript, along with letters to friends and family.