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On one far corner of the paddock I came across this little varied line up, which on top of this nice Aristo and the bronze M3 from the previous post…I thought this GS was pretty cool, kind of incorporating the feel of the new Spindle Grille (that will soon be incorporated into the whole Lexus line up) into the older GS.

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Sales of the little Toyota Aqua have been booming in Japan so it’s not surprising to see some more fashion conscious owners spending a little bit of money on them to give a custom look.It made for some cool pictures seeing a continuously varying display of rides crawling up the road!Before the paddock opened up its doors to the public I grabbed this shot of the Fatlace Japan S13 drift car that was on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier in the year.They showed up in this very shiny and reflective A5.My favorite part of the car has to be the titanium effect on the RS5 grille.Mark from Fatlace is really on to something with these shows as they combine such a variety of cars that you would just never see at the usual style-specific same meets.

It’s great as it keeps interest flowing for those that drop by to check what is on show.

The car rides on Air Rex air suspension…kind of representing the other school of thought when it comes to fitment.

The ex-Blitz RWD R35 GT-R that is now the Ben Sopra demo car has recently received new graphics as well as a few engine alterations.

Time to head back to Central Circuit now and continue on with the coverage of Hellaflush Kansai.

I’ll start off with two of the most talked about cars of this year, first up the Super Made Aristo which we have already featured, and the street-spec Ben Sopra demo car.

Do you guys want to see this beast shred through those pricey Yokohama 20-inch slicks?

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