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Textsex chat ohne cam

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For less speculative discussion of this potential, see the separate article on the molecular assembler.(Self replication is, of course, not the only way in which machines can be used to build more machines.) These same generally capable robots, called , could then build more special-purpose objects that humans would find directly useful: houses, kitchen widgets, cars, furniture, medical instruments, spaceships, etc.Like the assemblers themselves, these products would be extremely cheap by comparison with those produced today.Feynman suggested a means to develop the ability to manipulate atoms and molecules directly, by developing a set of one-tenth-scale machine tools analogous to those found in any machine shop.These small tools would be used to develop and operate a next generation of one-hundredth-scale machine tools, and so forth.As the sizes get smaller, it would be necessary to redesign some tools because the relative strength of various forces would change.

Gravity would become less important, surface tension would become more important, van der Waals attraction would become important, etc.

It might be used to buy goods and services that are unique, or limited within the solar system.

These might include: matter, energy, information, real estate, design services, entertainment services, legal services, fame, political power, or the attention of other people to your political/religious/philisophical message.

Some imagine that money would cease to be of use and taxation would cease to be feasible.

Others conjecture that nanotechnology would elicit a strong public-opinion backlash, as has occurred recently around genetically modified plants and the prospect of human cloning.

It is sometimes referred to as A much more neutral term that does not imply the hype and speculation that surround this field is "molecular engineering" - progress towards actual engineering at these scales is discussed in that article.

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