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Select the server that you wish to create the receive connector on. Exchange names the various default connectors using a standard of “Purpose SERVERNAME”, for example “Client Frontend E15MB1”. If the server you chose is multi-role you’ll need to select the Frontend Transport role.Remember, the server should be either a multi-role server or a Client Access server. If the server is CAS-only then Frontend Transport will already be selected. For servers with a single network adapter the default binding will usually be fine.

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There are generally two specific business requirements: In this article I will demonstrate how to meet both of those requirements in Exchange Server 2013.Severity Rating: Critical Revision Note: V1.1 (December 21, 2016): Revised bulletin to correct a CVE ID.CVE-2016-7298 has been changed to CVE-2016-7274, and the vulnerability information has been updated. Customers who have successfully installed the updates do not need to take any further action.The “Default Frontend” receive connector has remote network settings equivalent to “anything”.The “Relay” connector we just created has remote network settings that list specific IP addresses.For both internal and external SMTP relay scenarios the Frontend Transport service will be handling the connections.

So whether you’ve deployed multi-role or CAS-only servers we’ll only be referring to the Client Access server role from now.

Simply put, receive connector selection is on a “most specific match wins” basis.

The connector with remote network settings that most closely match the IP of the connecting server/device will be the one that handles the connection.

Here is an example of what happens if I use Telnet to try and send an email to an address that is external to the organization.

220 E15MB1.exchange2013Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Tue, 1000 helo 250 E15MB1.exchange2013Hello [] mail from: [email protected] 2.1.0 Sender OK rcpt to: [email protected] 5.7.1 Unable to relay Receive Connectors.

False False As with the internal relay example I recommend creating a DNS record for a generic name for SMTP.

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