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ALL of these statements are incorrect and should be rejected: Even as adults, many of us get embarrassed about naming areas of our body - and more often that not, we may refer to our genitals as out "private parts" or "down there" or "the lady area"!

Teach your child to respect their body's by teaching them to respect other people's body's.

But what's wrong with teaching children the proper names for their body parts?

By teaching a child the proper names for their body parts, they will be in a position to name what's happening to them should someone touch them in an abusive way.

Turner Gas Company is family-owned and has successfully served customers for over 75 years.

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By using the proper terms, everybody will be in a position to know exactly what they are referring to, and minimizing the chance of misinterpretation.

For example, its far less confusing if a child is able to say! By not referring to the sexual organs at all, or by referring to them as their "private parts", this can have implications for what a child thinks is okay and not okay to talk about.

Respect their wishes - and let them know that no one, not even you, has the right to touch them without their say so. For example, being swung in the air may usually be fun, but after a big meal, they might not want it.

Calling it sexual abuse touch makes it clear that this is a totally different type of touch - and it does not confuse the issue by using incorrect terminology.

Unfortunately, ANY child is at risk of sexual abuse. Most sexual abuse (85%) is perpetrated someone within the child's social sphere - for example, a relative, a family friend, a teacher, youth worker, religious leader, neighbour.

Despite the stereotypical image of the abuser propagated by the media, abusers usually do not look like monsters and it is relatively rare for them to be strangers.

Sexual abuse touch is touch that makes the child feel scared, anxious or uncertain on any part of their body that would normally be covered if they wore a swimming costume - or touching someone else on any part of the body that would normally be covered if they wore a swimming costume.

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