Updating subforms

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If you omit the object specified by expression, the Requery method requeries the underlying data source for the form or control that has the focus. If the control that has the focus has a record source or row source, it will be requeried; otherwise, the control's data will simply be refreshed.

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Did you try the refresh method for the cases that do not include deleting or adding records? Nothing else is occurring to me at the moment, sorry!Subforms provide a powerful way to easily see related data, especially one-to-many relationships, without writing code.Access automatically filters the data in the subform based on data in the master form.Sample Database: Linking Two (26K) Microsoft Access makes it easy to see related records on forms.A simple Access form has a record source displaying data from a table or query.This is especially true if the initial query was slow to run.

Don't confuse the Refresh method with the Repaint method, which repaints the screen with any pending visual changes." You're quickly picking up the 'basics' of VBA (so sorry for the bad pun :-) Soon you'll be giving back to others in the forums! I did stick with the requery rather than refresh for the above problem that was solved. I had to put the requery in the After Del Confirm rather than the On Delete because it was requerying before the record was actually deleted. The code is as follows: As for the flashing that I mentioned, what I meant was that at the moment it requeries, the screen goes to the first record of the main form for a split second before displaying the updated data on the current form. I'm guessing the flash you described is because of the requery method.If you specify any other type of control for the object specified by expression, the record source for the form is requeried.If the object specified by expression isn't bound to a field in a table or query, the Requery method forces a recalculation of the control.Everything works great, except I want the textbox in the main form to update the total number of positions as soon as it is changed in the subform. (I'll leave this explanation at the moment so as not to drown you with too many details :) In design view again, you will bring up the properties for control you made the After Update change to. On your last question, you're asking how to update what when you delete a record from the subform? If so, in design view of your subform, you'll need to go to the form's properties, under the On Delete event, enter your Requery command of the main form.Currently, it only updates if I close and then reopen the form. Please keep in mind that I have never coded in visual basic and would need very specific instructions if that is the solution. Michelle In your subform, when a user changes a value that you want reflected in the main form, you will need to write a simple requery code behind the After Update event of the control they are entering the information into. In form design view of subform, bring up the properties window of the text box/combo box etc that the user enters the new data in. Go again to the ellipsis ("...") to the right of the Before Update line. Between the two lines of code that come up in the VBA editor window, write in this code: and when I tried it I got a Run Time error 2105 - You can't go to the specified record. Note that refreshing will not work (shouldn't anyway according to MS, see the following qoutes) Yes, in your last post you had changed the Requery to Refresh, which will work as well for updating records.Table 3, which includes a subform based on Table 2. Is it possible to have a combo box for the link child field of Table 3 that will allow the user to choose among the values that have already been entered in the link master field of Table 2 and save this value for the new record in the link child field?