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They just manage to pull it off because while they don’t quite get ‘fancy’, they absolutely get charisma.

You’d be more comfortable on Forrest Gump’s park bench, such is the lack of padding and bum-care that comes from this chair.It’s the cheapest, most unappealing piece of vehicle interaction I’ve used in a long time. If you owned this car, you would honestly press it twice, so it’s not really a big deal…but it’s that level of American ‘no problem’ attention to detail attitude that keeps the Jeep in the burger-zone.With a 3.0-litre turbo V6 outputting 184k W and 570Nm, the Limited diesel is an excellent highway tourer.Jeep claims 7.5L/100km on a combined cycle and with a weekend trip to Mount Buller thrown into our time with the big guy, we saw 7.9L/100km consumption. Lower speed sections, like the world’s most frustrating 80km/h section between Yea and Molesworth, saw instant consumption figures as low as 4.0L/100km. At 2281kg, it’s a solid car and not supremely sprightly off the line.There are other areas where the materials feel cheaper than they should (lower dash plastics and centre console sides as a start), but conversely there are some nice touch-points around the cabin too.

The trim on the dash console and around the 4WD selector are both quite nice, feeling solid and high-quality.And, really, if Rolls Royce is going to copy your DRL signature, surely that’s a good thing!The ,000 Limited Diesel (a 210k W petrol V6 is also available for ,000) is the just second of five variants (with more to come! From the 20-inch polished alloy wheels to the nine-speaker Alpine stereo system, the GC Limited has everything you need and pretty much everything you want.It’s just that in the case of the oncoming light source, you would usually find them flashing their high beams to tell None of this is overly crucial to the enjoyment of the Grand Cherokee, though.You just need to understand that American premium is very different to rest-of-the-world premium.Take the automatic high-beam function, for example.